The following touches on the basics of the Brand Identity Development process and it’s implementation through digital and physical application.


Brand Narrative Development

Brand Narrative is the central component to to every brand. If you’re struggling to clearly and concisely articulate the story of your brand, it will also be unclear to those who you seek to serve.

When you establish the strong foundation of a clear narrative, it becomes possible to build a visual identity and a marketing presence with staying power, that resonates with the public, and that will fortify your marketing plan for years to come.

The steps to developing a narrative:

  • Discovery meeting. This covers all the basics like, Who are you? What’s your current market position? What are your short-term and long-term outlooks? What are the current trends in your market?

  • Brand Narrative Brainstorm. This can happen in conjunction with the discovery meeting. I will guide you through a question & answer session to help determine the following:

    • Who do you seek to serve, what are their needs, and how do you plan to meet them?

    • How are you and your business uniquely qualified and positioned to meet their needs?

    • How do you make it easy for them to understand what it is that you offer and where, when, and how to get it?

    • What will an enjoyable experience with your company look like?

    • What unenjoyable experiences will they avoid by choosing you?

  • Narrative Revisions. I will take the notes from our initial session and form them into a cohesive narrative. We will then review and revise the narrative until it clearly conveys the message that you want your customers to hear.

Visual Identity Development

Once the Narrative is complete, we will begin the process of building a new visual identity.

  • Concept Development. Using Discovery and your new Narrative, I will construct a “Mood Board” that consists of colors, textures, imagery, and typography that are consistent with your message.

  • Logo Mockups. Once you are happy with the visual concepts that we’ve developed, I will present you with 3 distinct logo mockup concepts.

  • Logo Revisions. I will conduct 3 to 5 rounds of revisions of your chosen logo concept to develop a final Brand Identity.


As your new brand Narrative and Visual Identity move into the real world, it’s important to carefully consider they will live, and how they will be implemented to best serve your needs.

  • Website. This is fundamental. If you don’t have a website, you’re losing customers. If you website’s messaging is not consistent with your brand, you’re confusing customers. I will help you to create a beautiful, simple, and easy to use website that you can update yourself.

  • Signage. Simply providing a logo to a sign-maker can result in signage that is inconsistent with your brand. I can help to ensure that the face of your business gets the requisite treatment.

  • Social Media. I can help you to create a consistent presence across all platforms, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Google.

  • Printed Marketing Materials. Business cards, brochures, rack cards, signage, and the like can all serve to reinforce your brand’s consistency.

In Summary

I will guide you along every step of the way to the cultivation a lasting Brand Identity. This is a collaborative process that, when performed well, will enable you to deliver a clear and consistent message to those who you seek to serve.